What can Reiki do for me?

A question I am often asked by potential clients is what Reiki can do for them exactly and my answer to that is it can actually do quite a lot – Reiki may be gentle but it can also be a very powerful form of healing.

Throughout our life we all have different experiences – some good, some not so good. Any particularly difficult or stressful situations we find ourselves in will raise different emotions in us that we are not always able to fully deal with at the time – such as not completely grieving the loss of a loved one for example. These emotions are then pushed down to sit in our bodies as energy blockages until they later manifest as an illness or dis-ease. Energy healing works on the basis that any illness or disease – whether mental, physical, emotional or spiritual – stems from one of these energy blockages. Reiki then works by aiding your body to draw in the healing energy it needs to unlock these blockages and begin the healing process.

So, to answer the question, what will Reiki do for you – it will do whatever you need it to do, depending on what your particular blockage or blockages are or where they are.

None of us are completely free from energetic blockages as we have all gone through stressful situations in our lives. But, because we are all individual we have all gone through these situations and then reacted to them in our own way. So, as the Reiki starts to shift the blockages present we will each heal and respond in our own way.

Want to know more – contact us now to find out exactly how Reiki can help you to remove your blockages and treat your illness/dis-ease.

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