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Reiki for Special Needs

Because Reiki is a soothing holistic treatment that works with the body to heal itself, it really can help with anything and preliminary results are showing it is particularly helpful to children special needs and diagnoses such as ADHD/ADD, Asperger’s/Autism and Sensory Processing Disorders.

For these children, Reiki can:

  • Enhance relaxation and improve sleep
    • Relieve stress and induce calm
    • Improve concentration in school/tests
    • Increase clarity and focus
    • Calm anxieties, fear and phobias, so promoting a feeling of inner peace
    • Calm and promote balance through grounding and centering
    • Enhance self-awareness, self-esteem and empathy
    • Alleviate hypersensitivities
    • Help to relax muscle tone
    • Assist in the treatment of obsessive compulsions, addictions and depression
    • Promote family bonding

Just a few sessions can lead to an improvement and I have personally seen greatly improved sleep patterns after just one session.

But it is not just children that can benefit from Reiki. Parenting a Special Needs child is not easy and Reiki can help lower stress levels, promote healthier sleep patterns and support general wellness in parents. Reiki allows the parent/caregiver to have some ‘me’ time which then helps them to become a more conscious relaxed
parent. All children respond to their parents/caregiver’s energy – a calmer parent leads to a calmer environment which leads to a calmer child.

Contact us to discuss a structured programme of Reiki healing that will be tailored specifically to you and your family and will suit your budget.

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