Reiki for Pregnancy

Being pregnant is an exciting and amazing experience and it will take you through the whole range of emotions. While the general advice is to enjoy being pregnant it is not always easy to do as pregnancy comes with its own health issues.
Reiki can help with all the health issues during every stage of pregnancy and even during labour. It goes beyond just offering physical support but also provides emotional help and can bring a deep sense of calm and positivity to both mother and the unborn baby.

Reiki can help symptoms such as:
• Tiredness
• Low back pain
• Morning sickness
• High blood pressure
• Mood changes
• Stress
• Emotional disruption both during and after pregnancy

Reiki is not a miracle cure – while great results can sometimes be achieved with one or two treatments, regular treatments will ensure harmony in energy levels, an elimination of toxins, improved circulation and lead to a confident emotional, mental and spiritual outlook by delving deep to uncover any energy blockages the body may have.

The deep relaxation given by Reiki can also help alleviate the apprehension and fear experienced in the later stages of pregnancy and may even reduce the use of pain control drugs in labour.