Reiki and Baby

There are many people who think that Reiki is only for adults and seem surprised when I say that I give it to babies. I have even had people ask me if it is safe for baby! (and the answer to that is a resounding YES, Reiki does no harm) But in fact, babies absolutely love Reiki, they respond very well to it and are my favourite clients.

Having not yet developed the emotional defences that can block the healing energy of Reiki they are very open to the energy flow. Because of this openness a short Reiki session is all that is required – usually in the region of 15 -20 minutes, depending on the babies needs.

Giving Reiki to babies can help with any of the common baby complaints – colic, teething, fretfulness, teething and sleep issues to name a few. Plus a calmer baby can lead to a calmer mum and dad – so double the benefits.

Reiki is now even being used in some NICU’s and SCBU’s to help babies relax and cope better with a very stressful situation. Studies performed using Reiki with premature infants in an intensive care situation have shown it to promote bonding and well-being and therefore to be an essential therapy for the benefit not only of the babies but their parents as well.

Many parents are now learning how to use and implement Reiki themselves so they can help their children to relax, focus and recover from any sort of problems in their life.

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