How to find A Reiki Practitioner

So, you have decided you want to have some Reiki healing and now you need to find a practitioner – but how do you do that? Where do you even start?

Nowadays there are many Reiki practitioners around but it is important to do your research first to find the right one for you.

Firstly, ask around your friends to see if any of them have been attuned to Reiki. Many people have been attuned at level I or II but only use it for themselves, friends or family. If you are happy to receive Reiki from a friend then they may be willing to help you to gain more experience or for a small fee.

Alternatively, if you don’t know anyone then you will need to look for a practitioner elsewhere and there are several ways to do this:

  • word of mouth – ask friends if they know of or have used anyone locally, other therapists sometimes do reiki as well or know someone who does
  • look around your local community – notice boards, local papers or magazines
  • search online – most practitioners have an online presence nowadays – website, social media etc.

Once you have two or three names you need to do some research about them and there are several questions you need to get the answers to. Reiki practitioners come in all ages, shapes, and sizes and just like other therapists have spent time learning their trade and gaining experience. But, although Reiki masters often give their students certificates, these certificates are not currently supported by educational standards so the possession are no guarantee that the practitioner has thorough training. You will therefore need to ask some specific questions to determine training and experience, such as:

  • What Reiki level are you? – first, second or third? All can give Reiki – level II is the minimum for a professional and to send distance Reiki.
  • When did you train? – this will help you get an idea of how much experience they have had, although it will depend also on how often they practise.
  • What is your clinical experience? – It is reasonable to expect a professional practitioner to have had plenty of experience with more than just family and friends.
  • How would you describe Reiki? – this should be easy for a professional to answer and for it to sound unrehearsed.
  • How long are your sessions and how much do they cost? A full session is usually about an hour in length. Compare two or three local prices to find an average.
  • How many do you think I will need and how will they benefit me?

Finally, think about practical things – where they work from: can they travel to you if needed and will it cost extra: will it be affordable if you need several sessions (will they offer a reduction for multiple bookings).

Most of this information can be found online along with any reviews and recommendations but it is important that you feel comfortable with this person. For you to be able to relax during the treatment, you need to have some basic trust that they know what they are doing and treat you with respect. So, try to talk with them on the phone at some point – if it feels right then go with it or equally if it feels wrong then find someone else – follow your instinct.

So, there you are, a basic guide to finding the right Reiki practitioner for you and once you do it can be a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

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