Happy Customers

I received two Reiki treatments from Janet during the latter stages of my pregnancy.

Janet was most welcoming and after completing a short survey to ensure things were focused to
my needs my treatment began. It was a peaceful experience and was of real benefit to me
especially in regard to my SPD symptoms.

My baby responded by moving around as well.

I would recommend anyone visit Janet to get a bit of ‘me’ time.

J J, Chatteris

We had been talking about and trying for a baby for a while but nothing seemed to happen. After just two sessions with Janet I became pregnant. Coincidence? Maybe, but the Reiki made me feel so relaxed which I am sure helped

A & C, Cambridge

Before we went to see Janet Max (then 5 months) was always a bad sleeper. Nothing we tried worked and we were both at our wits end with lack of sleep. After just two short sessions with Janet Max began to sleep much better and now we all get a full nights sleep.

P R, Huntingdon

I had a few Reiki sessions with Janet throughout my pregnancy as I was very stressed because of work issues and did not want this to affect my pregnancy. After each session I felt so much more relaxed. Now my baby is here everyone comments on how chilled she is – a benefit of the Reiki I am sure.

S O, Cambridge

I was very sceptical of having Reiki – not just because I was pregnant and was worried it would harm my baby but also because I didn’t completely think it would work. After a friend told me how much it helped her through her pregnancy I decided to give it a go – and I am so glad I did. Not only did the sessions help me to sleep well for the whole pregnancy but they also eased my back pain and reduced my nausea. I will certainly be back for more with my next pregnancy.

M M, Huntingdon