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Case Study – Being attuned to help during Labour

This week’s case study is about Tammy, and her husband, Terry. Terry became attuned to Reiki during the pregnancy so he could help Tammy in the labour ward. This is their story in Terrys words:

‘Both Tammy and I had had Reiki previously so knew how beneficial it was for us, but until we spoke to Janet we had not really thought about using it for pregnancy or baby. Tammy was particularly interested in the idea of using it in the labour ward as she does not have a high pain threshold and did not want to use too much pain control.

Tammy had a few sessions during pregnancy and found it really beneficial and baby seemed to enjoy it as well. So, we decided that I would be attuned to Reiki as it would allow me to give it to Tammy in the labour ward – and I am so glad I did.

When Tammy first went into labour I was working away so I didn’t get to her until  a few hours later by which time she was in quite a bit of pain. She had held off with any pain control as she wanted to wait till I could give her the Reiki. So, as soon as I arrived I began to treat her. I was very nervous at first as I wasn’t sure I could actually make a difference – I had given her sessions at home as a way of getting used to it but this was it, the big one!  But gradually Tammy’s pain seemed to ease and I felt more confident.

Giving Tammy the Reiki during labour helped her to  really relax and as a result her pain eased so much that she only needed minimal pain control. The birth itself went really well, even the midwife said she was surprised how calm Tammy was and how easy the birth was. Plus, Jamie, our baby boy, has been such a calm, relaxed baby which we are sure is a result of all the Reiki he received. 

But for me the best part was that I really felt I was a part of the delivery – lots of my friends have said how helpless they felt during the labour – and I have forged a great bond with my new born son. I still give Tammy and my son Reiki and Tammy will be attuned soon. I would highly recommend that any parent becomes attuned to Reiki as it has so many benefits for the whole family’

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