9 benefits of Reiki in Pregnancy

Reiki in pregnancy can:

  1.  help reduce exhaustion and nausea in the early days
  2. help to release any fears that may be present in relation to both the pregnancy and the delivery
  3. provide both emotional and physical support for an expectant mum
  4. restore both balance and health to the expectant mum – bringing relief to an aching body, reducing anxiety and promoting sleep.
  5. help control and even lessen pain during labour and may even make birth easier
  6. provide a way for the father-to-be to bond with the baby by giving Reiki while baby is still in the womb
  7. help the mum-to-be adjust better to baby and vice versa when used both during and after pregnancy
  8. build a strong spiritual bond between mum and baby and create and balanced and loving relationship between them.
  9. ease every stage of pregnancy  -physically and emotionally – making the journey joyous and memorable for the whole family.


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