4 Reasons why Reiki ‘fails’!

Reiki really IS an amazing thing and there are many stories of people being healed of all sorts of illnesses. But, while 99% of my client’s – whatever their age – report noticing at least one benefit after a session, there are some who say that it didn’t work – or more exactly they do not perceive it as having worked!

This is because the healing can take place on many levels that they could be unaware of. Below are four of the main reason that people may say that Reiki ‘doesn’t work’:

1. It won’t solve all your issues – some people think Reiki will be a miracle cure that will solve everything. But it isn’t and it doesn’t. What it does do however is help you to look at them differently so you can see how to solve them yourself and then let you do the solving.

2. It may not act immediately – many times there is an immediate response, even if it ‘only’ a good night’s sleep but Reiki is not necessarily a quick fix. Depending on the issue(s) it will help with whatever needs to be healed but it may take time and several sessions. Many of our illnesses or issues have been with us for a while – they take time to build so therefore will need time to clear.

3. It may not give the expected outcome – Reiki works for the higher good of all involved and this may not be what we think it is. The Reiki will have worked in some way but because our focus is somewhere else we do not always notice it. Healing may have take place on an emotional level instead of a physical one for example.

4. The receiver is not ‘open’ – A client does not have to fully believe in Reiki for it to have an effect but they do need to open to it working. I have had many clients who were non-believers but were open to trying it and did have and notice some sort of response. I have also had a few clients that were basically persuaded to come along by well-meaning friends or family but who had no intention of it working. None of these reported any sort of response or benefit or if they did they attributed it to something else.

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